Privilege Redefined

Terms & Conditions


By agreeing this document, the Customer hereby agrees on the following mentioned declaration upon issuance of an Alesha card. The applicant acknowledges that, Alesha Card Ltd. is entitled in its absolute discretion to accept or reject the application of any applicant without assigning any reason whatsoever and that the application and its supporting documents shall become part of the company records and shall remain under the sole custody of the company.

The applicant acknowledges and agrees that the signing of the application for the Alesha Card and/or its any supplementary cards (if any) shall be deemed as his acceptance of the terms & conditions of the card agreement decided and set by the company (which may be amended from time to time) accompanying the card. While using the card, the applicant agrees to pay the bill with prevailing fees and charges (if any). While requesting Alesha Card Ltd. to issue Alesha Card, the applicant also confirms that the person(s) named are over 18 years of age and is/are resident(s) of Bangladesh and agrees that the Disclosure Clause as mentioned above shall also be applicable for the card holder(s).

In case the supplementary card applicant is under 18 years of age, the applicant hereby confirms that the use of such card shall be made under applicant’s supervision and control. The applicant is aware that the Company will, at its absolute discretion, issue a card in his name. If a card is issued, the applicant undertakes to be fully responsible for its safe custody at all times and he will immediately notify the Company if the card leaves containing therein is lost or stolen.

The applicant understands that the Company may, in its absolute discretion, accept from the applicant any stop instructions (either orally or in writing) in cases where the applicant have lost the relevant card or in other circumstances which shall be allowed by law and agreed by the company. The company should accept such instruction from the applicant or any other person only when authorized by the applicant. The applicant hereby agrees not to be indemnified by the Company against any loss, damage, cost (including any legal cost) or demand incurred by it as a result of, or in connection herewith. The applicant also fully acknowledges, confirms and accepts that the card is subject to the laws of Bangladesh.

The applicant further acknowledges and confirm that he shall pay the fees and charges as determined by the Company for return of the card where the card has been returned due to any reason. The applicant hereby agrees to indemnify the Company against any loss, damage, liability or cost incurred by the Company on account of any breach by me or the supplementary cardholder(s) of the aforesaid conditions or any other terms and conditions contained in the Company’s card agreement or by reason of any legal disability or incapacity of the supplementary cardholder. The applicant also understands that the supplementary card fees shall be billed as per Company Policy and it shall be applicant’s primary responsibility to honor all charges incurred on the supplementary card.

The applicant hereby authorizes Alesha Card Ltd. to send him the card, or any promotional e-mail and SMS to the applicant at any time. The applicant agrees to be joint and severally liable for all kind of usages processed by the use of the Alesha Card, applied for and issued by Alesha Card Ltd. and to be bound by all the terms and conditions of the Company’s Card agreement which accompanies the card.

I, also acknowledge that, I know that this Alesha Privilege Card is non-transferrable in nature and by transferring or attempting to transfer this Card, Alesha Card Ltd. authority shall have all the rights to block my Card and any proportional facilities against this Card and I shall also be responsible and liable to provide the renew or new card fees in case I lose the Card. And I am endorsing that, if I am a user above 60 or 60+ years old and appoint any other authorized representative/agent to run the Card to provide myself the facilities, I shall be liable to provide my necessary verification details (like – Registered Phone no., Full name , OTP, etc.) and I shall be fully responsible to attend the calls for verification by Alesha Card Authority and upon my failure to receive the calls or verification steps, the authority shall have the rights and discretion to deny in providing facilities. Physical presence/Apps authentication is required to avail the service of the card.

In the event card holder desires to receive the Alesha Card in their given address the card holder assumes all responsibilities and Company will not be liable for loss, non-delivery or any type of forgery or fraudulent activity if the card is received by anyone except the card holder and the card holder will be liable for any sort of financial loss or other damage arising out of such incident.