Privilege Redefined

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Alesha Card?

Alesha Card is a privilege or loyalty card. This card, a product of Alesha Card Ltd., will allow cardholders to avail up to 50% discount in 90 categories from more than 3000 partners all around Bangladesh. Cardholders can easily avail the services of Alesha Card with our easy to use app and website.

2. Can you make banking or financial transactions through Alesha card?

Alesha Card doesn’t facilitate any banking or financial transactions. This card does not have any facilities like bank debit or credit card. Cardholders can avail services by completing necessary verification using the app. Only in certain places and categories the card is necessary to avail the discounts.

3. Is Alesha Card operated under Bangladesh Bank or any other similar organization?

Alesha Card Ltd. is a concern of Alesha Holdings Ltd. established under the Bangladesh Companies Act, 1994. Alesha Card is being sold as a product or service of this organization. Since Alesha Card does not facilitate any financial transactions like Banks or financial organizations it is not subject to the guidelines of Bangladesh Bank or any other such institutions.

4. Is Alesha Card associated with Alesha Mart Ltd.?

Alesha Mart Ltd. has no affiliation with Alesha Card. It is a product or service of Alesha Card Ltd., an entirely different entity and among the independent concerns of Alesha Holdings Ltd.

5. How is Alesha Card sold?

Alesha Card can be purchased by anyone aged 18 year and above by signing up and applying for it using the website ( or the Alesha Card app. Following a verification of information the card can be bought after a payment of BDT 7,980. Please note that all freedom fighters and birangonas will get the card free of charge and citizens aged 65 years and above will get a 50% discount on card purchase.

6. What is the validity and price of Alesha Card?

The price of Alesha Card is BDT 7,980 for 1 (one) year of validity.

7. How to get an Alesha Card after purchase?

Cardholders will receive Alesha Card as soon as possible according to their specified address. Alesha Card is an app and web based product or service. In most places except for certain categories, cardholders will be able to use it right after purchasing and verification.

8. Is there any registration fee to be a partner of Alesha Card Ltd.?

There is no need to pay any registration fee or money to become a partner of Alesha Card Ltd.. A business can apply to become a partner through the app or website according to the category. The trader can easily become a partner subject to verification and approval of information.

9. What share of profits do the partners of Alesha Card Ltd. share with the company?

Partners do not have to share any portion of their profits with Alesha Card Ltd.. According to the agreement, the company will only provide a certain amount of discount to the cardholders on their services and products. There is no other type of financial transaction or liability of the partner company with Alesha Card Ltd.

10.Is it possible to purchase products or services directly through Alesha Card?

Direct purchase of products or services is not possible since financial transactions are not facilitated by Alesha Card. The cardholders will get a prescribed discount from the mentioned partners. Apart from that, Alesha Card is not responsible for extension, cancellation or other additional facilities of products or services.

11. Are Alesha Card services applicable everywhere in the country and abroad?

At present Alesha Card's service is Ltd. to services within the borders of Bangladesh.

12. Will cardholders not receive services if Alesha Card Ltd. does not pay its partners?

The partners do not have any financial transactions with Alesha Card Ltd.. As per the agreement partners are obliged to offer discounts or services to all cardholders. So cardholders will receive all of Alesha Card services irrespective of payment to its partners.

13. Who is liable if Alesha Card Ltd. sells this card to the customer and disappears with the money?

The partners have an agreement with Alesha Card Ltd. and are obligated to provide all their services and products to the cardholders as per the agreement and time frame. Therefore, there is no liability to assume. Alesha Card Ltd. a concern of Alesha Holdings Ltd. is not a single entity therefore unlikely to disappear.

14. Does Alesha Card Partners get any commission/payment to Alesha Card Ltd. at the sale and discount of any product?

This agreement between Alesha Card Ltd. and its partners is completely free. Partners do not have to give any commission/payment to Alesha Card Ltd. Alesha Card promotes brands and businesses through its website and app for the prosperity of its partners.

15. Do Alesha Card holders pay any commission to Alesha Card Ltd.?

There is no other commission/payment paid by cardholders apart from the payment of BDT 7,980 at the time of purchase for a validity of 1 year.

16. Does the purchase price of BDT 7,980 include VAT and taxes?

There are no more hidden charges and prospective cardholders will only need to pay BDT 7,980 for Alesha Card. VAT and taxes are included in this price.

17. Why is a payment gateway used in Alesha Card purchase?

The payment gateway allows the government to easily monitor VAT and taxes on the purchase price of the card BDT 7,980. Alesha Card is a website and app based product or service through payment gateway ensures transparency for all parties involved.

18. What are the benefits of the Alesha Card referral system?

When someone buys an Alesha Card with your reference you will be able to earn with the Alesha Card referral system.